When people think of military or national cemeteries, Arlington National usually comes to mind, with its perfectly lined up headstones and well-cared for grave sites. Unfortunately, not all cemeteries are being held to the same standards.
An audit by the National Cemetery Administration of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs of all its 3.2 million gravesites, revealed issues such as misplaced headstones or unmarked gravesites at several sites it managed, but concluded neglect to be more of an issue with smaller state, county and private cemeteries that contain the graves of service members. Crumbling headstones, overgrown weeds, debris, vandalism and theft were of most concern.
  As a veteran, and a member of America Legion Post 97, I have seen firsthand cemeteries within Pinal County of Veterans’ gravesites that are neglected with high weeds or worst covered up and in need of serious rehabilitation.
It is my mission to restored Veteran’s gravesites within Pinal County at no cost to the families of our fallen military members.  My goal is to organize a group of local volunteers to clean up and decorate the graves of veterans throught Pinal County at no cost to the family members.  
  1. Johnathan "Radar" Meyer
    Senior Vice Commander of Post 97 and Chairperson of Operation Restore Bronze
  2. Don Runyon
    Committee Member
    Co-Chairperson for Operation Restore Bronze
  3. Angela Smith
    Public Relations
    Public Relations for Operation Restore Bronze